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Nutronix International is a company that has over 16,000 independent distributors - Just like us... 


Real Colloidal SIlver is a website that is committed to promoting The New Silver Solution┬«, along with other associated products. We became an independent distributor for the company called Nutronix international, and base much of our information within this website directly from lab reports and empirically derived scientific data supplied from independent testing facilities.

Nutronix International is based in Virginia within the USA. This company provides a comprehensive range of some of the best quality health care products in the world. Their mission is to create the finest and most effective products available, and this is the main reason why we are so proud to distribute their products. Only a company built upon repute and long standing relationships can grow to the extent that Nutronix International now has. They have over 16,000 independent distributors in more than 80 countries worldwide.

The New Silver Solution┬« has been tested repeatedly by many independent testing  facilities and has been found to be completely safe at more than 200 times the recommended adult dosage, and even at this dosage over a prolonged period of time it is entirely non-toxic - this cannot be said about other silver products or antibiotics! This silver solution has been challenged by some of the deadliest strains of bacteria known to man, and in every single case killed every single bacteria that was tested. In fact this silver solution is so potent that even when it has been diluted down to 1/1200 of its original 10 ppm, it would kill all bacteria present within raw sewerage water in less than 20 minutes!

This silver product is the ONLY one of its kind that has secured a pending patent in the last 80 years, and is currently waiting approval from the FDA for yet further patents based upon its unique silver technology. These silver nano particles average a concentration of 10 ppm, are completely safe, and are quickly becoming recognized by many to be one of the most effective killers of bacteria and viruses that currently exists!

Join the The New SIlver Solution® revolution and reclaim back your health today!











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