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Between 1900 and 1940 silver was the number 1 treatment used by doctors against pathogens...


The New Silver Solution® is unique in many regards - if it wasn't, it wouldn't be in the position of patent pending and be in the process of gaining approval from the FDA for drug classification. The closely guarded and entirely unique production method requires a much higher AC voltage, in fact 10,000 volts is forced throughout this solution to end up with what you see today. To put this in perspective, conventional colloidal silver preparations employ common electrolysis, thus using DC voltage at 110 volts.

In a nutshell, this "supercharging" of the colloidal silver solution results in two electrons being stripped from the outside shell of the silver atom. The result is an ion of silver that is left with a very powerful positive +2 ionic charge. This sounds complex, but it really is not. At a molecular level, the silver ion now seeks to ''balance'' itself, and does so readily when contact with a pathogen occurs. When this happens, the pathogen is urged forcibly to 'donate' electrons, in which the cell wall is immediately ruptured - thus destroying the pathogen.

One of the unique points of difference between The New Silver Solution® and other colloidal silver preparations (not to leave out ionic silvers), is that all of them share a +1 ionic charge after manufacture. This inherently is limiting, and after initial contact with a pathogen takes place - they're spent!

Not so with this enhanced patent approved formulation. Unlike the lesser examples mentioned, The New Silver Solution® aggressively strips 2 electrons instead of only one - and what's more, has the unique ability to regenerate its electron configuration after contact with pathogenic activity. This means that each ion of silver has a much greater capacity to effectively penetrate further into the body's tissues - much further than ever before!

The short clip below is spoken by Keith Moeller, who is the Vice President of American Biotech Labs. He explains why The New Silver Solution® is far removed from any other colloidal silver product currently available.  











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