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The New Silver Solution® product range has various silver formulations available.


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The New Silver Solution® includes a range of colloidal silver products based on advanced silver technology. These advances have revolutionized the therapeutic silver industry, with the American Biotech Labs laying claim to a number of patents - the only silver product to be granted a patent in over 80 years! Colloidal SIlver Technology

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This new silver technology has been proven to be deadly against a host of deadly pathogens, is non - toxic, has no side - effects, is lab and hospital tested, is sent all around the world, and contains no preservatives or chemicals. This silver has been tested extensively against a huge number of deadly bacteria, viruses, pathogens and germs, proving itself more effective than many antibiotics against the same cross section of nasties.

The New Silver Solution® has gone up against some of the deadliest strains of bacteria known to man, and has prevailed each and every time. This silver technology is an enormously powerful nano - particulate formulation that is completely safe for human ingestion, yet deadly against yeasts, bacteria and virtually all viruses.

This colloidal silver technology is available in different sizes and package combinations, and now comes in a convenient gel for topical applications. For more options please visit our store and purchase as you see fit.

Your body will thankyou for it! 

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