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  Jane Smythe on November 15, 2007

..."I Started the Silver Solution in the last week of October and have been on it ever since. After day 8 I experienced nausea, but I feel this was part of the detox? Anyway, this lasted only two days, and then I felt much better.

I am 73 years old and have had colon cancer and also Candida for many years that I have tried to treat for a long time. Well Silver Sol has helped me get rid of it and now I feel better than I have for a good ten years. Before I had bad circulation in my feet and legs, which I believe was the fungus - but now it is all gone! This product is safe, and all I did was follow the instructions. My aim is to help my friends with this product, but the biggest problem is convincing people it will work! I will just keep on trying to help them anyway.

I am so greatful, and will make sure this is one product that I won't run out off!"...

Jane S


Lisa N. on Febuary 7, 2008


..."I returned a positive test for Lyme disease almost 12 months ago. I was tested at a reputable lab, but am not sure if the correct diagnosis was made. My point is that I believe I had bartonella and also babesia. Each morning when I got out of bed the bottom of my feet were very painful, and understand this to be a symptom of bartonella. But since starting on the silver solution, I have noticed my feet are no longer sore in the morning.


I will also mention that on the first day or so after taking the colloidal silver solution I had a most intense pain between my shoulder blades, which was interesting as I had never had this before, or at least this intense! In the past these aches would come and go, but this time it lasted all day and into the next. After this initial pain, it suddenly left, and not returned since. My understanding is that this is an area where babesia tends to lurk - so it appears that I have been killing off babesia and bartonella (which they said I didn't have!)


Very amazing and interesting if it turns out to be true.


Thankyou again.






Troy Stevens on January 2, 2008



I began with two doses of the silver sol preperation - one in the morning and one at night. After 3 days I had a fair amount of nausea and cramps in the stomach, and then some diarreah as well.


My main health issue was an abscess in my mouth that had been troubling me for a good part of a year. Since taking the silver I have noticed a substantial decrease in tooth sensitivity after about two days, and I believe that the silver has helped wih this - especially when i began to swish the fluid around in my mouth for 1 - 2 minutes at a time, and then I swallow it.


So far I can say definite improvements have been occurring, about 80% I think, but will continue until completely eliminated.





Rosmary L on March 13th, 2009

For a period of some weeks I have had strange skin issues. There appears to be a cluster of sorts on my foot with red spots and flaking skin - I believe that they may be warts! They were also quite hard and rubbery, strange though as I havn't had warts since I was a kid.

Still, this was the least of my problems at the time, so I hadn't really bothered about them. However, within days of beginning the silver sol solution they literally shrivelled up and fell off! This was a pleasant surprise.

What was more important to me was the pink colour was returning to my skin, as I had been suffering from circulation problems for a long time, and after each dose, my skin began to feel warmer instead of freezing cold and numb. We believe this is happening as the bugs are killed off.

Thankyou so much, I feel as though I am getting a second chance with life!

Warmest Regards,












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