Dr. Gordon Pederson PHD
The New Silver Solution

 Dr. Gordon Peherson PHD

 Powerful Presentation

With a doctorate in Medical Toxicology, Dr. Pedersen is recognized as a world expert on Nutritional Supplements and Alternative Medicine. He has a wide variety of experience in both research and development and public speaking, having formulated over 150 nutritional products and given lectures worldwide.



Below are just some of his qualifications:

  • M.S., Cardiac Rehabilitation Therapy B.S., Biology and Chemistry 
  • Program Director and Natural Products Committee Director for the Inter-American Society of Chemotherapy 
  • Formulator of over 150 nutritional products 
  • Director of the Institute of Alternative Medicine  


Video #6 A Powerful Weapon Against Pathgens
The 50 minute clip below shows Dr. Gordon Pederson PHD speaking extensively on the virtues of this amazing colloidal silver preparation. The New Silver Solution® and his many experiences with this amazing product.













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